Our Vital Work Continues

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog

At Clean-Shield, we specialise in providing professional cleaning services to keep the public safe.

In these trying times, we have noticed a significant rise of businesses and schools wanting and more importantly needing professional cleaning contracts to provide a safe environment for their establishment to re-open. With schools and businesses beginning to open as government guidelines are eased, the need for professional cleaning services is on the rise.

As critical and key workers, our staff have been busy throughout Gloucestershire undertaking deep cleaning of local schools and colleges in preparation for their re-opening.  Our School and College Cleaning Services cover a variety of areas that ensure optimum safety for the pupils and staff. From Stripping and re-polishing hard floors, cleaning classrooms, toilets, chairs and more, our services help create a COVID-Secure environment along with social distancing measures and basic hygiene. 

Not only have schools re-opened but some commercial offices, giving the economy a much needed boost after a rise of furloughed staff and a surge in unemployment. Whilst other businesses such as Vets and Doctors have remained open throughout the pandemic providing vital services to the public. We know that hygiene is top priority in all circumstances, we pride ourselves of our cleaning services which is why our work comes with a cast-iron guarantee.

Discover our Doctors, Dentists and Vets Cleaning Services.  

As always, we remain open and are continuing to support local businesses and schools as the world returns to a new normal, keeping the public safe.


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