The Nights are Drawing In!

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Blog

It always makes me smile that as soon as the longest day has passed you know within a couple of days people will start saying “the nights are drawing in” even though there is hopefully a good few months of summer still ahead of us.

But through the wry smile after hearing the comment it does make you realise that we are already over halfway through the year and although Clean Shield is very much a forward thinking company it is a good time to reflect on the business year so far.

Quarter two saw Clean Shield winning more Commercial Cleaning contracts, particularly around the Stroud and Tewkesbury areas and a month on month increase in our Agency workload, which of course led to the need to employ new team members.

With new team members comes the need for training and personal development and of course with Clean Shields commitment to a training & development program as a core business belief, it also included offering the opportunity of further personal development to all members of the Clean Shield Team.

Clean Shield MD Kathy Price said, “Looking back at the business goals that Clean Shield set for 2015 at our brainstorming day way back last October I think we can all be proud of the achievements of the Clean Shield Team and the company as a whole”.

As we look ahead to rest of the year and all the challenges and opportunities that quarter 3 will bring to Clean Shield my wry smile returns as I think to myself it really won’t be long until someone mentions the dreaded “C” word, Ho,Ho,Ho!


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