To Feedback or Not to Feedback – That is the Question

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Blog

You know what it’s like you are served a meal at a restaurant that is not quite up to your expectation yet in most cases

when the waiter/waitress asks if you are happy with the meal you smile and say yes rather than cause a fuss, however logic tells us that if the Chef and his team are not aware of a problem they cannot fix it. 

Of course, this scenario is not applicable just to eating establishments but all businesses that provide a service; here at Clean Shield for example our MD Kathy Price, holds a senior team meeting every Monday morning to discuss not only the week ahead but also the week just gone. 

This includes a detailed look at each site that Clean Shield provides a Commercial Cleaning Service for, where any issues good or bad are discussed at length. Of course positive feedback is always welcomed but without negative feedback just like the restaurants, any niggles, concerns cannot be addressed and a small problem that is not nipped in the bud could in some cases escalate into a much larger issue.

At Clean Shield we recognise the importance of feedback and all of our clients are actively reminded by the Clean Shield Team to report back on any aspect of the services and personnel that Clean Shield provide.

MD Kathy Price said; “As a business owner passionate about providing a first class service I have never been afraid to receive constructive criticism, in fact I welcome it as in the long term it will help Clean Shield enhance its reputation locally for all round professionalism in the Commercial Cleaning Sector”.

So next time you are not happy with your meal or any service given, just smile and let the business know that way they can enhance their professionalism too.


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