Hygiene – Clean Shields No 1 Priority!

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Blog

I understand that hygiene is of utmost importance in the workplace. In some workplaces, however, it can become absolutely critical.

That is why I am pleased to say that we have had many years of cleaning in some of the most sensitive hygienic areas such as doctors’ surgeries, dental clinics and vets.

It is vital that surfaces in these establishments are kept clean and that hygienic environments are maintained to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. My teams have the knowledge, equipment and chemicals to be able to deal with MRSA, for example, as well as other pathogenic micro-organisms.

Our regular cleaning schedules will include waiting rooms, reception areas, treatment rooms, offices and toilet and washroom areas. If required we are happy to work outside normal business hours to suit our clients.

So if you are down at the doctor’s, sat anxiously in the dentist’s chair or at the vets with a poorly pooch you can be assured we have carried out a thorough clean to provide the most hygienic space possible.


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