HR – The Carrot, not the Stick

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Blog

In today’s fast paced world there seems to be an increasing pressure sometimes to get more and more done in what appears to be

less and less time and experience shows life can sometimes feel like you are just spinning plates and not actually getting anywhere!

An example of this could be a person having to get up early every morning to make sure the children are up fed and ready for school, driving halfway across town to drop them with grandparents, then rushing to their workplace, with what seems every light turning red in front of them, arriving at work in the nick of time in a stressed out state before the day has really begun, I think you get the picture and I am sure at some point occasions like this have happened to us all and we just get on with it but sometimes just a little spark can happen that makes that person feel they can’t cope or it is worse than it actually is and then what is routine becomes a chore and stressful and can affect their home and work life balance.

As many people spend up to a third of their day in the workplace, it is a companies’ responsibility to do their part in looking after their employee’s mental health as well as their safety in the workplace.

This is where having a HR (Human Resource) plan can help both the employee and business owner.

Those of you who regularly read our blog know that Clean Shield has a commitment to the personal development of all its Commercial Cleaning Team and with around 70 people employed with Clean Shield throughout Gloucestershire we recognise that HR is an important cog in our well-oiled machine.

Up until recently we have used an outside agency to help but our MD Kathy Price felt that due to the growth of Clean Shield over the last couple of years it was time to also have a person employed directly in house in a HR role, someone who would get to know every Clean Shield Team Member personally and could act on any issues or concerns quicker.

And the person to fill that role is our new HR Manager, Kathy Grebbell, Kathy has a friendly warm personality and is a great listener and also believes in prevention rather than cure, outside of Clean Shield Kathy runs her own business as a freelance writer and film critic, so a lady of many talents.

Clean Shield MD, Kathy Price said, “It is very satisfying to have a person like Kathy looking after the wellbeing of my whole Clean Shield Team, people always feel HR is about discipline and grievances but it is about helping and managing people before a worry or a problem becomes a much bigger issue”.

For a business like Clean Shield where we have a lot of people employed, working in many establishments across Gloucestershire a happy team equals a motivated, productive Team which equals Happy Customers”. I would like to welcome Kathy to the Clean Shield Family.


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