Gen’s favourite place in the Sun

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Blog

On a recent trip to Cuba, one of her favourite places in the world to visit,

Clean Shield team member Gen, brought back a lovely picture of “Holguin City Square” for us to hang in the office.

Gen explained that when she and husband Gordon go to Cuba they like to stay in “Guardalavaca”, which is on the south of the island. “Guardalavaca” is known for its wonderful white beaches and beautiful warm clear blue sea, which is great for snorkelling.

When not on the beach, Gen and Gordon like to travel inland to “Holquin City” relax at a pavement café, drink the famous Cuban Coffee, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Gen said, there is nothing better than watching the world go by, the Cuban people are all so friendly and laid back and take every opportunity to listen and Salsa dance to the very lively Cuban music, and of course then there are the immaculate 1950’s American cars that are a site to behold.”

The downside to going on holiday is she misses the other love of her life, Benson, Gen’s huge German Sheppard, who you will see from the picture above takes up most of the settee.

Clean Shield MD, Kathy Price said, “It was such a lovely thought from Gen, the picture of Holquin City Square really helps brighten up the office and I have added Guardalavaca to my Bucket List! Since joining the Clean Shield Team as a Mobile Cleaner, Gen’s generosity and can-do attitude has shone through.”


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