Bristol Street Clean Up with Electric Truck

by | May 22, 2018 | Blog

I read recently that street cleaning teams in Bristol have improved their productivity by deploying a new electric truck.

The Bristol Waste Company have bought an Alke ATX 200E utility vehicle from one of Britain’s largest suppliers of electric trucks, epower Trucks. They have replaced a ten year old petrol powered vehicle with the new truck.

The company’s street cleaning team primarily use the truck to empty bins in the pedestrianised areas of the city. Iain Fortune is the fleet manager for Bristol Waste Company and he was quoted on the Cleaning & Maintenance website saying “we wanted an electric vehicle that had a modern look and feel to it, had excellent carrying capacity and was efficient to run.”

He explained that “the Alke utility truck was the only vehicle we looked at that met all of our criteria. As a battery-powered vehicle it is very economical to run and a lot less noisy than the previous petrol-powered truck we had.”

The result is that the streets of Bristol are as clean as ever but just a little bit quieter and greener, which must be a good thing.


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