A Shining Star Even in the Darkest of Days

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Blog

As we move into the Autumn months with its falling leaves, torrential rain and stronger cold winds coming in from the east, it leads onto a lot more work for members of our on-site Cleaning Teams than you expect

to get in the drier Summer months.

The extra workload as you might expect mainly comes from keeping floors and walkways clean, tidy and importantly slip hazard safe, from all the leaves and dirt that people inadvertently pick up on their shoes at this time of year, or that the wind keeps kindly depositing in doorways and foyers. 

Clean Shield’s leaf blowers & floor buffing machines need to be maintained in tip-top condition to cope with the extra stresses and strain that the season brings.

Anyone who has a lot of trees in or near their property can identify with the frustration of clearing up wet leaves from the front door only to have the wind leave another pile an hour later, they know you really need a positive attitude to keep on doing this task. 

One such person with this positive attitude is Clean Shield Team Member, Jason E, who since joining Clean Shield as an on-site cleaner, has shown an exceptional attitude. 

Nothing is too much trouble for Jason who always arrives at site with a cheery smile in plenty of time so he can plan his day’s work around the needs of the site.

Clean Shield MD Kathy Price said, “The success of any business is down to the hard work and dedication of the people who work there, and Clean Shield is no exception.  Although Clean Shield has a stringent policy on Team training and Personal Development, the person receiving the training has to have a positive attitude and willingness to learn to be successful and I am proud to say Jason is definitely in this category.”

Pictured  above, Jason E, who outside of work likes nothing more than tinkering around and riding his Motorbike.


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