Wedding Bells at Clean Shield

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog

Everyone at Clean Shield would like to offer many congratulations to the happy couple, Lukas and Andrea!

Lukas came to the UK back in the millennial year of 2000, at the young age of 12. He has a passion for computers, hardware, website design and programming. This passion inspired him to study Cisco Networking at college and more recently a course for Android Development. Another of Lukas interests in life is cleaning. Having worked as a cleaning manager responsible for over 140 individual Tesco stores, to cleaning for retail stores and NHS offices, Lukas is a highly motivated and experienced cleaner who truly believes in “going that extra mile”. His aim is to show people that cleaning can be fun and that he’s not just “another toilet cleaner”.

Lukas we are super proud to have you as part of the Clean Shield team!

Andrea has been living in the UK for around 15 years now. She loves nothing more than to get her rubber gloves and a cloth at home to ensure it’s sparkling throughout! Andrea also enjoys reading her bible every evening. In her spare time, Andrea helps the homeless because she see’s how even just a slice of bread means a lot to people who don’t have much. She says how “sometimes a little really is a lot”. Family life is important to Andrea and she regularly gets out on her bike with their two children. If not on a bike, then walking to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time together.

Andrea you are a fabulous part of the Clean Shield team and you always brighten up our days! 

Kathy would like to say “Congratulations again to the both of you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to Clean Shield.”


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