The Benefits of Hiring Agency Cleaners

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Blog

It’s highly likely you spend 40+ hours a week at your workplace. Now, imagine spending all that time in an office that’s dusty or dirty, not very pleasant. On top of it being unsightly, it’s also very unhygienic and in some cases, unsafe.

That is why it is so important to maintain a clean working environment. However, doing so can be time consuming and expensive. If at first you try to keep on top of this yourself, you’ll soon realise how hard a job it really is. 

You may have considered hiring a cleaner but again this can be difficult to find the right individual and if that person is off sick then you’re stuck without a cleaner. Plus, you have all the additional cost that comes with essentially hiring a new office employee.

That’s where Agency Cleaners come in. They are a group of experienced, professional cleaners, who are expertly trained to complete commercial cleans. Here’s all the benefits of hiring agency cleaners.

High Quality, Professional Cleaning Standards

Because cleaning agencies are businesses, they are ran as such. Meaning that all employees are trained to the same, high standards. The hiring processes are extremely thorough, often including DBS checks.

The training programmes will be specifically tailored to cleaning commercial properties, including the safe management of cleaning equipment and hygiene standards.

No Staff Shortages

Unlike hiring your own independent cleaner, agencies will be able to effectively cover holiday and sick days without you even noticing. Your office will never miss out on a scheduled clean because agencies often have larger numbers of staff available in the local area.

With that in mind, you also have the added bonus that this won’t cost you anything extra. You won’t need to cover holiday pay while also sourcing another cleaner.

A Tailored Cleaning Plan

Agency cleaners will be trained to meet client requirements and exceed expectations. You will have the opportunity to run through exactly what you would like done and anything specific you would like covered. The agency can then ensure this is completed.

This includes a cleaning schedule that suits the needs of your business, even if that requires more antisocial hours. If this changes, the benefit of an agency is they will more than likely have another cleaner who can cover the new hours if the original member of staff is unable to.

Cleaning Expertise

A well-established and experience cleaning agency will be able to offer you the best advice when it comes to cleaning. This could be down to products you should use and where to source them. It could even save you money.

Some cleaning agencies will also be happy to take on the management of your cleaning supplies, ordering stock when required and negotiating prices on your behalf.

Due to their experience in the industry it’s also highly likely that they will have tips and tricks to clean in the most efficient way, while still producing outstanding results.

Peace of Mind

Probably one of the biggest benefits is the peace of mind that comes with hiring agency cleaners. By signing a professional contract, you can be assured that you won’t be let down.

It also ensures that all health and safety guidelines are adhered to, something which you do not have to worry about carrying out yourself.

Often, you will be provided with a dedicated contact at the agency who will handle any of your needs or queries.

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