Schools reopening in September

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Blog

With the government restrictions recently being lifted to allow schools,

colleges and nurseries to fully open come September, our industry has a lot of work on its plate – which may not be a bad thing! The coronavirus outbreak affected the economy beyond belief, with many shops closing, people being made redundant. This has impacted Universities that have seen an increase in applications for the new academic year. 

Coronavirus guidelines may still be taking place come September in the education sector, meaning the cleaning industry has a great responsibility and duty to keep pupils and staff safe.

The Department of Education have put together a set of guidelines to help those within the education system to stay safe during this time. This documentation covers a range of areas including school operations, curriculum, accountability and contingency plans encase of local outbreaks. Health and safety is vital as schools re-open, meaning our services are essential in help limit the spread of coronavirus. 

You can view this information here.

Coronavirus, much like any illness, has a higher transmission rate in enclosed spaces. This is because distancing yourselves from water droplets when someone speaks, sneezes or coughs is significantly harder. These water droplets can also transfer to furnishings such as tables, chairs, taps and door handles, making it highly likely someone else will touch that surface and if touching a ‘gate way’ such as their mouth or nose will make them likely to contract that illness. 

Our school and college cleaning services cover a variety of rooms such as theatres, gyms, toilets, classrooms and more. You can view the full list here. We also carry out Risk Assessment if required for any aspect of the cleaning process.

All Clean Shield Professional staff are fully trained, receive regular health and safety updates and are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked. Which means not only is your place of business clean, but children are kept safe. 

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