Professional Cleaning Trends for 2022

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Blog

Professional cleaning, along with everything else in the world today, is undergoing some changes. 2022 is going to some trends introduced that might seem a little unconventional at first, but could become commonplace very soon. The curve towards eco-friendly products and the introduction of new technologies is seeping its way into every industry at the moment, and professional cleaning is no different. So read on to find out which trends we are going to be see more of in 2022!


Minimising the damage done to the environment is becoming an incredibly important consideration in the modern professional cleaning industry. Whereas ‘sustainability’ might have previously been used to refer to using only eco-friendly products, today it tends to mean a lot more than that. Manufacturers are now looking at sustainability with reference to the entire chain of professional production. This will include things like Cradle to Cradle and circular economy (a measure of eco-effectiveness), proper eco-labelling and sustainably produced packaging.

There is simply no escaping the importance of sustainability in the professional cleaning industry anymore. Look out for more examples of businesses using sustainable practises as it relates to their products and services.

UV-C tech

Ultraviolet-C technology is becoming more commonplace in the industry as a disinfectant, where it uses ultraviolet radiation to sterilize and disinfect areas from viruses or forms of bacteria, including ‘superbugs.’ In the fight back against COVID-19, and especially in light of this pandemic, UV-C has become increasingly essential. This technology is efficient, proven, safe and when used alongside standard cleaning practises, ensures fantastically secure and consistent results in the minimisation of viral and bacterial spread.


This might seem a little unusual, but exoskeletons for cleaning purposes could be a trend that explodes in the near future. By operating a wearable machine that allows for freedom of limb movements and increased endurance or strength thanks to a series of sensors and motors, individuals can drastically reduce the effort required for cleaning and are able to perform a variety of tasks that would otherwise require extensive energy expenditure.

Since cleaning work can force a substantial amount of tension to be put on the body with repetitive movements and unnatural body positions, this may be a welcome addition for some in the industry.


Another trend that saw a rise in popularity in light of the pandemic is steam cleaning. This allows for deodorising, sanitising, and cleaning any surface, without the need to use detergents. The advantages here are that the process saves precious money and time, while helping to combat anti-microbial resistances and being eco-friendly. Expect to a resurgence in steam cleaning as we move into a post-pandemic period.


The amount of cleaning devices used within the industry that are battery powered is rapidly increasing. Batteries can be effectively utilised to improve sustainability, runtime, and the autonomous capability of cleaning machines. Since the density of energy in batteries has increased, this has lowered the size and weight of batteries. When battery powered cleaning equipment is used to clean larger areas, such as hospitals, retail, schools, or office buildings, this has been a massive help.

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