Areas in your Office you Probably Forgot to Clean

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Blog

Everyone knows to wipe down the desk areas, dust the windowsills, hoover the carpet and if you’ve read our last blog, to clean the chairs. Yet how many areas of your office are going unnoticed when it comes to the cleaning schedule?

When you can see dirt, crumbs or dust, it’s easy to know that something requires cleaning – especially so if it’s a high touch area like keyboards and computer mice. However, there are a small number of forgotten areas that you definitely need to add into your next office clean!



Emptying the bin is one task but when was the last time the lid and inside was cleaned? The kitchen bin is one of the most high-touch areas and while you may expect it to appear dirty or even smell slightly due to the nature of its role, it definitely shouldn’t be this way.

The lid of the bin should be wiped down every time you clean the kitchen area, ensuring you do this last so there is no cross contamination with where people prepare food.

The inside of the bin should be washed out and dried once a week when the bin is emptied for the weekend. This helps prevent a build up of ‘bin juice’ and bacteria which could lead to an unpleasant smell.


The Dishwasher

Another item in the kitchen that one would presume doesn’t need to be cleaned because it, itself does the cleaning but that just isn’t so.

The dishwasher should be cleaned at least monthly depending on usage, if not fortnightly with a dishwasher cleaner to ensure the system doesn’t produce a build up of grime. The filter should be cleaned out weekly so that old food doesn’t get stuck here, go mouldy and affect the cleaning of your dishes.

Regular cleaning also helps extend the lifespan of your dishwasher.



As they are close to air flow, blinds are a magnet for dust. If they are made from metal or plastic, they should be dusted weekend to avoid build up and can be wiped down with antibacterial.
If the blinds are made of fabric, then they can be wiped using a damp microfibre cloth to remove the dust, this helps avoid them requiring deep cleaning which is often costly.


Under Furniture

What cannot be seen can easily be forgotten. Under desks and other office furniture are the perfect environment for dust to settle as there is very little airflow. That is why it’s important not only to vacuum under desks but to also dust computers, move drawers to clean and dust skirting boards that sit hidden.

Be sure to regularly move furniture and clean underneath / behind to stop dirt and grime building up. Otherwise, this could result in offices becoming a hazardous place for people with allergies or illnesses like asthma if there is excess dust.


Inside the Windows

Many office buildings are likely to have a regular professional window cleaner who comes out to clean the external windowpanes. However, the internal window glass can often be forgotten about.

Especially in winter when condensation can build up, it’s important to clean these to avoid mould and damp.

The glass should also be cleaned with a cloth and glass cleaner to remove smears and ensure sunlight can effectively penetrate the room.


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