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I read recently that street cleaning teams in Bristol have improved their productivity by deploying a new electric truck.

The Bristol Waste Company have bought an Alke ATX 200E utility vehicle from one of Britain’s largest suppliers of electric trucks, epower Trucks. They have replaced a ten year old petrol powered vehicle with the new truck.

In my view floor care is one of the most important parts of commercial cleaning. The flooring makes an instant impression on anyone entering a building so it is vital to make sure it is properly cared for and looking tip top.

Here are some tips for getting the best out of your flooring:

• Know what your flooring is. It may sound daft but if your cleaners don’t know what the flooring surface is they may damage it by using cleaning materials that contain chemicals that will harm the surface.
• Shiny floors are safe floors. Some people think a shiny floor is a slippery one but this is not the case. Cleaning professionals know that shiny floors mean they are clean and dirt free.

I expect you’ve seen the adverts for the return of HBO’s Westworld on Sky Atlantic. Well, the robots are coming to our world too – at least, as far as the cleaning industry is concerned.

Industry website Cleaning Matters recently conducted a survey asking what people were most excited about in the future of the industry, what concerns they had and what issues would have the biggest impact. 60% of industry professionals said they believed robots and automation had key future roles to play.

As there can be an awful lot of bad press about the “Youth of Today” this week’s blog gives me even more pleasure to write than normal.

We were recently approached by a young man of 16, Oli, who was looking for some part time work with Clean Shield that would fit in with his studies (this in itself made a refreshing change, as it is normally Mother’s calling to see if we have any work opportunities, and I quote, “for their idle son’s!”)

These days Super Heroes seem to come in many different guises and each one has a varied selection of Super Powers, however they all have one thing in common - to help their fellow man whatever obstacles are put in their way.

At Clean Shield we are fortunate to have many Team Members who to us are Super Heroes, why, well because just like that mild mannered janitor Honk Kong Phooey (now I’m showing my age! Lol) they are in the background quietly getting on with their work, usually after most people have left the office/factory.

I talked last month about cleanliness in UK restaurants and it is something that needs emphasising. In the UK, there are a staggering 500,000 cases of food poisoning each year with cross contamination one of the most prevalent causes.

As well as the discomfort the sufferers feel, there are broader impacts for food outlets. Reputations take a long time to build but can be destroyed overnight. There may also be financial implications in the form of fines or compensation.