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Did you know you likely spend over 2,000 hours a year sat at your office chair?

As a business owner or office manager, you will know the importance of keeping good cleanliness and hygiene at your place of work. Not only is working in an unclean office unhygienic it’s also quite irritating.

In today’s blog we would like to congratulate our client, Newmedica, on the opening of “Brighouse” their brand new state of the art, eye health clinic & surgical centre here in Gloucester.

It’s highly likely you spend 40+ hours a week at your workplace. Now, imagine spending all that time in an office that’s dusty or dirty, not very pleasant. On top of it being unsightly, it’s also very unhygienic and in some cases, unsafe.

After almost 12 months of uncertainty, it is great to see the COVID19 Vaccinations rolling out across the country with such great success and I am sure most people, like myself, can finally see a bright light at the end of tunnel.

As the pandemic progresses and businesses fight to stay open, keeping your workplace clean is vital. From January 5th non-essential shops, schools and leisure centres have been forced to close. This devastating news has meant many people are either working from home or furloughed – if they aren’t an essential worker.

Well Christmas is nearly upon us and I believe that this year most people will be looking forward to it more than ever, after the stresses and challenges that COVID-19 19 brought to us all in 2020!

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of getting everything ready in time to welcome your guests.

Everyone at Clean Shield would like to offer many congratulations to the happy couple, Lukas and Andrea!


Most of us have become pretty diligent at cleaning those high contact areas including door handles, computers and kitchen counters.

With many workplaces, schools, dentists etc opening their doors over the last few weeks, it has meant that most of our furloughed contract cleaners have finally been able to return to their workplace. 

Cleaning is something we all have experience in doing, some do it well, some do it not so well,

Those of you who regularly read our blogs will know that Clean Shield are proud

With the government restrictions recently being lifted to allow schools,

I would think most businesses in Gloucestershire (if not all) 

A light at the end of the tunnel ...

At Clean-Shield, we specialise in providing professional cleaning services to keep the public safe.

That time of year is fast approaching and I expect you are planning your annual big Spring clean.

The importance of flexible working hours seems to be a very topical subject in the press at the moment

Just for a change, I thought we could have a bit of a history lesson this month.