Mental Health Benefits to a Clean Room

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Blog

Mental health is at the forefront of societal problems today, and with it comes a desire for solutions. Some solutions are simpler than others; how much did you really know about the fact that a clean bedroom can contribute positively to good mental health. Especially after lockdown, people started to realise the many benefits that having a clean room gave them. In keeping with this, we wanted to run through our top mental health benefits to having a clean bedroom!

Getting rid of old stuff

Summer/spring cleaning can do wonders for someone’s mental health, especially through getting rid of old ornaments and memories that don’t fit with your own personal style anymore. It has been suggested that having a room refresh and taking out old clothing/furniture will significantly improve better mental health.

Waking up feeling fresher

Blasting fresh air through the doors and windows of your bedroom during the course of the day helps to remove stagnant air, which can also make it much more difficult to heat up a room. If you want a room to heat up more quickly during the winter, take a second to open up your windows.

Quality of sleep

By keeping your bedroom tidy and clean, you can have tired yourself out, and this leads to deeper quality of sleep. Having a chaotically organised bedroom can also distract you from all the important hours that you could be relaxing.

Less distractions

Your bedroom should ideally be a place of rest and positivity. By having a clean bedroom with less stress and distractions, you can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that ensures your room is a better place to be and a better room to sleep in. By having less clutter to distract you, you’ll find your mental health improving without even knowing it.

Closer connections

Our mental health and stress can be massively projected onto others, so if you’re sharing a bedroom with someone else and it hasn’t been cleaned properly, you’re both likely to be more stressed. By delegating chores to do around the bedroom, you can spend more time enjoying fragrant, clean sheets!


Have you ever cleaned one room, then suddenly felt that you had the productivity required to clean the whole house? By cleaning, you will feel more motivated to do further cleaning, which is an active pursuit that is great for mental health. The instantly satisfying results that you get from having a clean room is going to help you utilise the space for other things.

Improved house maintenance

By doing something as simple as spending twenty to thirty minutes per day on the maintenance of your home, the less likely you are to spend time de-cluttering on the weekends which are intended for resting fully. By having an improved sense of maintenance over your entire home, including regularly cleaning, you can eliminate mental health troubles down the road.

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