It Pays to Train

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Blog

The commercial cleaning industry provides a pivotal service to a wide range of businesses and organisations

in both the private and public sectors including SchoolsDoctors Surgeries, Dental Practices and Hospitals to name but a few.

It is estimated that almost half a million people are employed in the cleaning sector nationwide adding billions of pounds of revenue to the British economy.

A recent report highlighted the importance of training and development of staff to help motivate, maintain standards and increase productivity.

The report also points out how some companies to save on costs have a policy of using untrained cleaners seeing instead training as an unnecessary use of revenue, especially where there are tight profit margins on contracts.

This is particularly important with outsourced cleaning teams, where historically there is a higher than average turnover of personnel meaning businesses and organisations could have a steady flow of new (and possibly untrained) people on their premises.

Clean Shield MD Kathy Price said “I found the report a really interesting read as it sits well with my own ethos. I was particularly proud of the fact that all the staff training and development recommendations in the report are already in operation within Clean Shield and I can endorse the report by saying that the policy of training and personal development has had a profound effect not only on the continued growth of Clean Shield but the motivation and wellbeing of the Clean Shield team.”

Click here to read the full report – simply flick to page 20!


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