Help the Environment? No Time to Waste!

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Blog

It is a passionate commitment of mine and Clean Shield that we always, without fail, consider the effects of what we do on the environment.

As an example, wherever practical and possible we have a ‘no chemicals’ policy. In any case I think there is no substitute for good old elbow grease! We also ensure we dispose of materials in the recommended environmental way.

The facts are truly staggering and we can all do something about them. Take plastic bottle as an example. In Norway 95% of all plastic bottles are recycled. In this country it is just 57% and about half of all our plastic bottles are water bottles.

You will have seen images of the effects of plastic on our oceans. Some eight million tonnes are put in our oceans each year and it is estimated that they will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Already 99% of all seabirds are thought to have consumed some quantity of plastic.

The cleaning industry is well placed to make some impact on the problem. We can all consider ways of repurposing and recycling plastic products and, where possible, avoiding them altogether.

I know that we at Clean Shield are just a small part of this big old world but we are happy to do our bit to help the environment whenever possible.


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