Even the Boss is Allowed a Break Sometimes!

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Blog

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and for followers of our Clean Shield blog that can only mean one thing “School Deep Cleans

, yes when Schools & Colleges across Gloucestershire close in late July that means busy, busy, busy for our School Deep Clean Teams on the ground and also here in the Clean Shield Office with the planning, so we like to prise our MD Kathy Price away from the business in early June and pack her off to sunnier climes for a well earned rest before the battle commences.

However unlike most of us where a sun bed a glass of Chardonnay and a good book is the order of the day, I’m afraid for Kathy this in not the idyll and no sooner had she landed in Tenerife our adrenaline starved MD was looking for her first rush which along with her husband Tony, was to re-take to the skies but this time in a Glider, soaring the skies above the island with nothing but the thermals for power.

This was followed a couple of days later when Kathy took part in her other passion, Scuba Diving. This time our intrepid MD took to the clear blue seas around the Canary Island under the supervision and guidance of the team at “Blue Bottom Diving”.

Clean Shield MD Kathy Price said, “It was so nice to get away to for a few days to sample the local cuisine and the warm hospitality of the Canarian people. I have always been a bit of a closet sports junkie and Tenerife is the perfect place to sample different activities like, Gliding, Windsurfing, Climbing, Cycling and of course Scuba Diving, and I would highly recommend the team at Blue Bottom Diving for their service, expertise, knowledge in Scuba Diving and in particular their focus on Health & Safety”.


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