COVID, a light at the end of the tunnel

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Blog

After almost 12 months of uncertainty, it is great to see the COVID19 Vaccinations rolling out across the country with such great success and I am sure most people, like myself, can finally see a bright light at the end of tunnel.

However, we are not out of the woods just yet so now is the time to be extra vigilant and not drop our guard! This is definitely the mantra that we have adopted here at Clean Shield.

Ever since the first lockdown back in March 2020 our commercial cleaning teams have had to learn a plethora of new skills and cleaning regimes.

In fact, we are all proud that this training has recently led Clean Shield to not only obtaining Safe Contractor for Covid-19, but our risk assessment has been passed enabling Clean Shield to be insured to allow our specially trained teams to undertake Covid Cleans where there has been a positive and/or suspected case of Covid-19.

This has led to our cleaning teams undertaking work in potentially hazardous areas. One such team is headed up by Mobile Supervisor Charlie, who has been with Clean Shield since 2016. In that time Charlie has proven herself to be a very reliable, professional team member, who always gives 110 percent and is the go-to person in a crisis.

As frontline key workers Charlie and her team fully understand the importance their role plays in these difficult times. In fact, the training and experience the whole Clean Shield team have garnered over the last year is now paying dividends and without everyone’s dedication and hard work many of the local Medical Centres and Doctors Surgeries would have struggled to stay open.

When Charlie was recently asked what she enjoyed most about her role with Clean Shield, Charlie replied “Work is varied and seeing the end results is rewarding, hours are flexible which works for me and the Boss (Kathy) is great and fair to all”.

Clean Shield MD Kathy Price said, “I would personally like to thank Charlie and the whole Clean Shield team, who have continued to be supportive and doing a brilliant job deep cleaning our Doctors Surgeries and Medical Centres at a time where many people are feeling unsafe to go to work.”

The positive feedback we have been receiving throughout the COVID19 epidemic from clients has been overwhelming, and even with all continually changing guidelines happening on an almost weekly basis, the team spirit and positive attitude never wains. Thank you all!”


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