Cleaning Doctors Surgeries – Why it’s so Important

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Blog

With the Covid-19 pandemic still very much at large in the UK and Europe, we take a look at cleaning doctors surgeries – why it’s so important in this modern age and how it should be done to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Doctors surgeries are part of every community and as such, they’re very busy places with many of the local community using them on a regular basis.  Very often, the most vulnerable in our society will be visiting Doctors surgeries frequently, even though they are the most susceptible to infection.  We’ve seen recently that the Covid-19 pandemic penetrated the elderly and vulnerable very quickly and as a result, the vaccination programme concentrated on those over 75 first.

Hygiene is imperative in buildings that have a large number of people using it on a daily basis.  But hygiene in Doctors surgeries is even more critical, because by default, the people that enter the surgeries are either frail themselves, or may have an infection that could easily be transferred to other patients.

There are many infections that are transmittable and one of the most rampant is MRSA.  Cleaning techniques are centred around killing off pathogenic micro-organisms that can act as a reservoir for infection for pathogens, which will eventually lead to infection transmission.

Areas that harbour pathogenic micro-organisms are usually the surfaces that are used regularly by many people.  The aim is to reduce the micro-organisms that carry dust and dirt around.  So, initially, the practice will look at where their ‘busy’ spots are and plan a schedule to clean these areas.  A typical schedule will look something like this:

Cleaning Doctors Surgeries – Daily checklist

Horizontal surfaces

Hard Floors

Carpeted floors

Toilets, basins, tap handles

Waiting room chairs

Surfaces that are touched regularly – door handles, reception desks etc)

Cleaning Doctors Surgeries – Weekly checklist

Telephones and keyboards

Communal children’s play areas

Cleaning Doctors Surgeries – Monthly checklist

Light fittings

Windows and glass partitions

Cleaning Doctors Surgeries – Yearly checklist

Walls and ceilings

In terms of the best methods of cleaning Doctors surgeries, it’s suggested that an alkaline detergent is preferred over a neutral pH detergent, because the alkalinity improves the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.  A combination of detergent, water, damp dusting and vacuuming are the best options for cleaning Doctors surgeries.  However, it’s important to point out that any surface that is cleaned with detergent and water must be allowed to dry thoroughly because any residual moisture will encourage the re-growth of micro-organisms again.

Areas such as the reception areas, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, office spaces, toilets and bathrooms, and all internal glass surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry.  That’s why many cleaning companies offer an out of hours cleaning service for Doctors Surgeries – they can clean the building when it’s empty and can allow sufficient time for drying before the surgery opens again.

Care has to be taken of medical equipment also, such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, scales, thermometres, tape measures – pretty much all of the equipment that the surgery staff use on a daily basis.  Sharps boxes and contaminated waste is also a cause for critical hygiene importance.

Many Doctors Surgeries actually contract out the cleaning of their premises to specialist companies that have experience in cleaning to an exceptionally high standard.  There is no room for error when it comes to the healthcare system, and Doctors surgeries simply have to get their practice cleanliness right.

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