Cleaner Vets Premises = Healthier Pets

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Blog

I expect by now everyone has accepted that hygiene in the workplace is of vital importance. It is not just for the benefit of us humans, though. Our pets should expect the same standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

A vet’s place of work is, of course, a medical facility and as such there will always be a risk of contamination. Maintaining an efficient cleaning regime can keep that risk to an absolute minimum.

Here are some of the areas at a vets where it is essential to have the highest level of cleanliness.

• Reception Area. All clients and their pets will visit this area, whether it is just a front desk or a waiting room. The constant traffic means that it should be thoroughly cleaned as frequently as possible.

• Examination and treatment rooms. These areas need to be kept as hygienic as possible. The treatment table should be cleaned after each patient. Any litter bins need to be emptied frequently.
• Ceiling fans and air conditioning ducts. If they are not cleaned properly these fans and ducts are susceptible to mould and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. These can endanger pets and their owners so regular thorough cleaning is essential.
• Kennels. Keeping kennel areas clean can be a tough task but it is one that must be done thoroughly. If using bleach, ensure that the cleaned areas are dry before admitting another patient.
• Car park and garden. It is easy to forget these important areas. They should be kept clean and litter free at all times.

If you would like to discuss using a professional cleaning company to keep your vets premises at its hygienic best please call me on 01452 886288.


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