Clean Shield’s very own dynamic duo

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Blog

These days Super Heroes seem to come in many different guises and each one has a varied selection of Super Powers

however they all have one thing in common – to help their fellow man whatever obstacles are put in their way.

At Clean Shield we are fortunate to have many Team Members who to us are Super Heroes, why, well because just like that mild mannered janitor Honk Kong Phooey (now I’m showing my age! Lol) they are in the background quietly getting on with their work, usually after most people have left the office/factory.

 They empty the bins, wash and scrub the work surfaces, straighten out the furniture, wash and put away the coffee cups, mop & hoover the floors, to name but a few, and of course they make sure the washroom facilities are thoroughly sanitised and stocks replenished for the new day to come.

Now we all lead busy lives so when we come into work the next day and everything is spick & span, most probably don’t give a second thought to who and how this was achieved, it is just the norm, it’s what the cleaners are paid to do.

So when somebody does recognise what you have done, the effort you have put in and can see you always go the extra mile, it is all the more special. It was especially nice for Clean Shield Dynamic Duo, Kerry & Robyn (sorry I couldn’t help myself), who have both recently received recognition for their consistently great work and positive attitudes.

Firstly, Area manager Kerry received a lovely card along with some chocolates, a bottle of her favourite tipple and a Big Thank You for all her hard work, from a Clean Shield client, in fact they couldn’t praise Kerry highly enough.

Secondly, Robyn recently successfully passed her “Infection Control Course” with a whopping 95% pass rate, Robyn who has been with Clean Shield for over 8 months now has really settled into her role and proven not only to be a great team player but also capable of working under pressure on her own initiative.

Clean Shield MD, Kathy Price said, “I am so proud of both Kerry & Robyn, they are a pleasure to work with and always give 100% to both the business and clients alike, it is very gratifying when a person recognises & takes the time and effort to thank & praise someone’s efforts, and in this case it’s thoroughly deserved.”

Pictured below: Robyn on left with Infection Control Course Certificate and Kerry on right. Middle photo of lovely Thank You chocolates and wine.


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