Bye bye Becci, bye bye

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Blog

On Saturday night, the Senior Management Team at Clean Shield had a lovely night out to bid a fond farewell

to our very own Becci L who after 6 years of Commercial Cleaning Service with Clean Shield has decided the time is right to hand in her van keys, put down her clip board, ditch the Marigolds and spend more time with her family.

In her time at Clean Shield, Becci has been a stalwart for the company, and with her “Can Do” attitude and a smile that can light up a room, the role of Area Supervisor suited her skills down to the ground.

 As Becci could tell you no day at Clean Shield is the same, with Team Rota’s needing to change daily due to emergency Agency Cover, a good example of the challenges Becci faced.

One aspect of her role that Becci particularly liked and got a lot of personal satisfaction from was the training of new Clean Shield Team members, helping them to bed into their particular site and mentoring them whilst they found their feet.

Clean Shield MD, Kathy Price said, “Becci has been with me for over 6 years now and will be a hard act to follow for the person who has to fill her shoes, I would like to thank Becci personally for her professionalism, dedication and positive attitude and wish her well in the future.”

From all the emails & comments we have had from Clients & the Clean Shield Team thanking Becci for her help she is going to be sorely missed by all.

Good Luck Becci from all the Clean Shield Family. And for those of a certain age who remember the Bay City Rollers “Bye Bye Becci, Bye Bye”.

Picture of Becci at her favourite Chinese Restaurant, the Shanghai …


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