Are your floors making the best impression?

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Blog

In my view floor care is one of the most important parts of commercial cleaning.

The flooring makes an instant impression on anyone entering a building so it is vital to make sure it is properly cared for and looking tip top.

Here are some tips for getting the best out of your flooring:

• Know what your flooring is. It may sound daft but if your cleaners don’t know what the flooring surface is they may damage it by using cleaning materials that contain chemicals that will harm the surface.
• Shiny floors are safe floors. Some people think a shiny floor is a slippery one but this is not the case. Cleaning professionals know that shiny floors mean they are clean and dirt free.

• Don’t downplay the importance of matting. Good matting in an entrance area collects dirt and debris as people enter a building. Do make sure they are regularly cleaned as they can quickly become clogged and saturated.
• Know your ‘high traffic’ areas. The areas which are used most need to be cleaned on a daily basis. They also tend to be the areas which have the highest visibility to the public and employees.
• Be careful when cleaning carpets. In most cases hot water and extraction is the best method. Chemical cleaners can do more harm than good if not applied correctly.

Follow these simple rules and you will avoid flaws when cleaning your floors!


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