A Special Thank You for a Team Player

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Blog

At the end of maternity leave, following the birth of her son, Zoe made the difficult decision not to return Clean Shield but instead take up a position in care work as it would entail less traveling.

 But thankfully for us, Zoe missed our family friendly atmosphere and back in February we welcomed Zoe back into the Clean Shield fold, in a new dual role as office admin/mobile relief cleaner.

And in that short time Zoe has taken to her new position like a duck to water, with her smiling demeanour & “Can Do” attitude gaining much praise from her Clean Shield Team mates and customers alike.

Zoe’s “Can Do” attitude always comes to the fore when we have that call from a company desperately seeking a Clean Shield Agency Cleaner, due to their own cleaner suddenly going off sick.

This is where Zoe, without so much of a sigh, will drop what she is doing in the office, grab whatever cleaning materials are needed, load up her van, drive to the customer premises, roll up her sleeves and happily just get on with it.

A few weeks ago, Zoe went to help a company whose full time cleaner had unfortunately been signed off long term sick, on arriving at site Zoe quickly assessed the commercial cleaning needs during a site walk around with the client and within a couple of day’s Zoe had not only learnt the ropes but seamlessly fitted in with the client and their staff.

Upon the return to work by the regular cleaner, it was clear that Zoe’s “Can Do” attitude was much appreciated by the client and their team during her few weeks there. On her last day Zoe was showered with lots of genuine thanks and some wonderful cards.

Clean Shield MD, Kathy Price said, “Since Zoe returned to Clean Shield in February she has always shown great loyalty to both Clean Shield and our clients on numerous occasions. This was shown by all the lovely cards she recently received. It can be hard sometimes for people to spin two plates (admin/relief cleaner), but with Zoe’s positive attitude all she wants to do is help, now that’s what I call Team Work.”

Above is Zoe with a selection of her cards (including one very amusing one) …


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