5 Common Cleaning Errors!

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Blog

I know that cleaning your home may not be your favourite task but it needs to be done nevertheless.

I am going to highlight 5 of the most common cleaning mistakes that we make. If you can do away with those, you’ll save time and effort.

1. Putting off cleaning jobs. Your piece of toast and jam hits the kitchen floor, sticky side down of course. Spend a minute now cleaning up the mess and you will save yourself ten minutes of doing so later, to say nothing of fighting off the ants that have been attracted. The same principle applies to any cleaning job.

2. Starting to clean in the wrong place in a room. You happily hoover the floor and then remember that the light fittings need cleaning. And the cobwebs want wiping. Oh, and the dusting. Before you know it you need to hoover the floor again. Think strategically. Start at the top and work down.

3. Using the wrong cleaning products. If you use a product that isn’t strong enough for the task then you will be left with stains, albeit somewhat fainter, and need another product to finish the job. Always read the product’s label to ensure it is right for the task.

4. Using dirty cleaning tools. A dirty kitchen sponge could be a breeding ground for bacteria. A dirty washing machine could be redirecting dirt onto your laundry. A dirty hoover can be pumping out as much dust as it is sucking up. Take the time to clean and disinfect your tools.

5. Not employing your ‘little helpers’. Here I am talking about getting your kids to help with the cleaning chores. I am not suggesting that you shove them up the chimney (your choice), but they can be taught from an early age to do simple things like folding up towels and putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Children love doing what their parents do and it won’t take much to get them helping with cleaning jobs.

And with all the time you have saved – well, you can enjoy your new clean home!


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