5 Cleaning Tips for a Dazzling Summer Home

by | May 11, 2022 | Blog

The spring season might be classically associated with giving the home a good clean-up, but this doesn’t mean we have to skimp on our cleaning duties for the coming summer months! The humidity and heat can create its own specific kind of challenge for us to tackle, so it’s important to keep refreshed on how to achieve the perfect clean this summer.

Keeping odours at bay

Our rubbish and food bins can start to smell exceedingly bad over the course of the summer months, since humidity and heat create the ideal environment for bacterial growth. This creates the unpleasant smell so many of us associate with the inside of our rubbish bins. The problem can worsen during the humid summer season, as the air in this environment can capture dreadful smells and keep them lingering longer than we would like.

Luckily, you can prevent this problem with a simple summer cleaning hack. Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) into the bottom of the bin. The bicarb of soda will absorb the awful odours emanating from your bin before they spread through the home.


Allowing the sun to shine through the windows into our homes during summer is absolutely essential for most of us. Unfortunately, however, it can also fill our homes with our worst enemy; dust. Dust can disturb those with allergies too, so watch out for this pesky nuisance! Of course, the solution here is to dust more regularly during the summer months than you normally would – trust us, you’ll be happy you did after.

Using essential oils

Forget air fresheners, keep your bathroom smelling fresh this summer with non-toxic essential oils as an alternative. Make sure you read about the benefits of each scent before buying and choose the one that’s right for your bathroom. For instance, lavender is best for promoting relaxation and rest, while lemongrass is known to effectively purify the surrounding air.

Removing water rings

If you forget to use a coaster or see a white-coloured ring of water on your wood furniture, don’t panic! Lay down a cotton cloth, t-shirt, or towel on top of said ring and grab an iron. Empty the water out of the iron, then plug it in and allow the iron to heat. Then place the iron on the top of the cotton for a few seconds before removing. If the ring is still visible even then, repeat the process over and over again until it has disappeared completely.

Cleaning the microwave

Our microwaves are used all summer to heat snacks and food. Both can be easily devoured but leave a lingering smell that sticks around in your home. Slice a single lemon down the middle and place both the halves in a small bowl filled up with water. Place the bowl into the microwave and heat up for 3 minutes. The zesty, overpowering smell of the lemon will mask any smell coming from the inside of our microwave during the warm summer months!

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