4 Benefits of Having a Clean Classroom

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Blog

Here, we outline 4 benefits of having a clean classroom and its effects on staff, children and parents.

Now that schools have started to get back to normal following the coronavirus pandemic lock down, it’s not surprising that parents, staff and children themselves are feeling anxious about the return to school and the potential for infection in highly populated areas.

Most schools employ a professional cleaning company to maintain the hygiene in their classrooms.  After all, it’s a huge responsibility to upkeep the health of our children and staff, so it’s best to leave it to professional contractors.

Here at Clean-Shield, we’ve been professionally cleaning schools for many years.  However, recently, we’ve been looking at the benefits of having a clean classroom that have unexpectedly come to the fore following the pandemic.

We’ll look at the benefits of having a clean classroom to:

  1. The children
  2. The Staff
  3. The Parents
  4. The Community


The effects of the pandemic have shone a spotlight on the need to prioritize hygiene in highly populated buildings, such as schools and it’s imperative that we look at the high risk areas within such densely populated buildings that could harbour the virus.

Anxiety levels of teachers, parents and children have risen since the pandemic and it’s important that they’re reassured and can feel confident that they’re safe and can continue to teach and learn in a hygienic and virus free environment.

1.  Benefits to children of having a clean classroom

Research shows that when children are happy, their capacity for learning grows.  They’re not distracted by worries or concerns which can hinder their learning experience.  As a result of having happy, healthy children, there’s a reduction in sick days and they tend to achieve higher grades.  They also tend to be better behaved and socialise well.  Inhabiting a clean learning environment also develops good habits in students.

2.  Benefits to staff of having a clean classroom

Happy teachers in the classroom have a knock on effect on pupils!  They are more productive and can provide a better learning experience for the students.  Equally, if they are using clean, hygienic and functional equipment, it makes their job that much easier!  Empty bins, clean desks and chairs etc go a long way to establishing positive outcomes.

3.  Benefits to parents of having a clean classroom

If parents know that they’re leaving their children in a safe environment, their anxiety levels reduce.  This has an effect on their children also.  There’s a tendency for better parental involvement in their children’s education and they work with the staff, rather than against them.

4.  Benefits to the community of having a clean classroom

Obviously, schools are densely populated and as we all know, the risk of catching Covid-19 is high in these environments.  This can cause an outbreak of the virus which can then be spread to the wider community as we are now free to socialise again.  By ensuring that schools and highly populated buildings are clean, we can significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the community.

When cleaning a classroom, it’s important to pay special attention to high touch areas, such as door handles, desks and chairs. After all, the children will be going from room to room and use communal desks, so it’s prudent to clean these regularly.  All surfaces should be wiped down with sanitizer and all litter removed.

Attention should be made to equipment too, including all cleaning equipment.  If all equipment is functioning well, it makes for a happier environment for all!

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